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Welcome to ZONE2BTone

Happy 2013 from Zone2btone!

        I like to personally take this opportunity to thank all my viewers and sponsors for making my pride and joy so successful your postings and suggestions have been extremely motivating and inspiring we will continue to bring you all the latest health, fitness, workouts, nutritional tips from top competitive and fitness experts. 

Stay Healthy & Fit Forever Best Wishes

Zone2bTone Team

Zone2BTone New Episode

Darryl Tapp and Tiffany Tapp Couples Interview

Check out this NEW Video!

Tracy Hess interviews former Philadelphia Eagles Darryl Tapp and his wife Tiffany about healthy living and working out as a married couple


Tip of the Week

Visualize your results!

You know that there is a strong mind, body connection to working out my secret is visualization I see my physique exactly how I want it, and focus on the fact no one is going to give me that body I have to work hard for it!

Coming soon to Zone2btone

We will be collaborating with Dave Palumbo from Species Nutrition covering East Coast NPC Events.

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on how to tighten all those stubborn area's, arms, legs, glutes, abs, etc.


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